Mind - Body - Control

I started pilates classes at my local gym in the autumn of 2006 in an effort to reduce my blood pressure, and was instantly hooked. Four years on and when my favourite pilates teacher moved to London, I thought why not share this special class with lots more people. For me, I had always believed that exercise needed to make me "hot and sweaty" to do me any good, but often all it did was bulk up my muscles and leave my clothes ill-fitting. Now I have dropped a dress size and am frequently complimented on my tiny waist and flat tummy.

The joy of pilates is that once you have absorbed the basics you quickly notice a change in posture, control from your core and sound and peaceful sleep after a class!

I have also completed my training in specialist pre- and post-natal exercise - perfect for restoring your pelvic floor muscles.

Most importantly exercise should not be prohibitively expensive or be something that you dread.  I have kept my prices the same since I started teaching in April 2011 so that Pilates can be affordable to all - and I allow students to drop in at any time or date that suits them rather than a fixed date and time ever week.  I know you all have busy lives and commitments! 

If this sounds like it could be for you then please check out the class times and drop me an email at mail@jolates.com.

Individual classes or courses can now be booked online at any time.

To book online: http://www.supersaas.com/schedule/Jolates/Pilates_Class

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